General conditions of sale in Italy

The company C.S. Canoe di Spagnol Sandro has joined the OSS (One Stop Shop) regime, introduced by Legislative Decree no. 83/21 which transposed articles 2 and 3 of the Council Directive (EU) 2017/245 of 5/12/2017. This regime provides that the VAT rate applicable to distance sales, as defined by Article 38-bis of the Legislative Decree n, 331/1993, and that of the country of destination of the asset.

To this end, we inform our customers that the prices indicated on the site and / or in the catalogs include Italian VAT (rate of 22%). If the sale falls under the OSS regime, these prices will be corrected by applying the VAT rate. of the country of destination of the asset.

The prices are intended for goods delivered ex-Sacile warehouse. Any shipping costs will be borne by the buyer and the goods travel at the risk of the recipient.
Any complaints must be received by letter within 8 (eight) days of receipt of the goods at the address:

C.S. Canoe by Spagnol Sandro,
Z.I. Cornadella Sud, viale Europa 19
33077 Sacile (PN)

Returns are not accepted, unless expressly authorized by letter from the writer.

For any communication or withdrawal:
at the following times 8-12 and 14-18,
Monday to Friday and Saturday morning from 9 to 12.

Telephone 0434 780609 and fax 0434 780388.


For small packages, weighing up to 5kg. and lengths up to 150 cm., with shipment by Express Courier, costs starting from € 12.00.

For the shipment of the paddles by Express Courier, with lengths between 151 cm and 240 cm and weights up to 10 kg., Costs starting from € 20.00.

Kayak shipment to be estimated according to size and destination.

Standard packaging included.
Costs for extra protective packaging, on request to be defined as needed.


By Bank Transfer

It is recommended to affix, upon receipt of the package and to the side of the signature for receipt, the words “Withdrawal subject to control” and to report any visible deterioration of the packaging as a written note.
Without this precaution, it will not be possible to request a partial or total insurance refund in the event of damage attributable to transport.
We remind you that often the damage to the items shipped are not visible without removing the packaging, so affixing the words “Withdrawal subject to control” will allow you to check what has been purchased, and within a maximum of the day following delivery to send us reporting the damage.