Marina 400 Explorer

Marina 400 Explorer

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Marina 400 Explorer: Very versatile sea kayak, for short and medium trips. Ideal for quite inland water (lake-river). Stable among waves, it has got a good cruising speed and directional stability. Ideal for rookies, it is very comfortable and permits long staying on board.

Construction Material

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Dyolen: 40% Polyester fibers (Dyolen) + 60% Fiberglass

Dyolen/Kevlar-Aramid: 25% Polyester fibers (Dyolen) + 25% Kevlar-Aramid fibers + 50% Fiberglass

Kevlar-Aramid/Carbon: 50% Kevlar-Aramid fibers + 25% Carbon fibers + 25% Fiberglass

80% Carbon fiber & Kevlar-Aramidic fiber + 20% Fiberglass

Kevlar-Aramid/Carbon Vacuum Infusion: 70% Kevlar-Aramidic fiber + 30% Carbon fiber

Carbon Vacuum Infusion: 75% Carbon fiber + 25% Kevlar-Aramidic fiber

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Marina 400 Explorer: very versatile kayak, easy to transport and store, suitable for marine use, on short and medium excursions. Suitable for any excursion on calm inland waters (lake-river). The kayak is stable in the waves, has a good average speed and directional stability; it is ideal for light to medium weight people starting this sport. It is very comfortable and allows long stays on board, thanks to the very large cockpit, which allows easy boarding and disembarking from the kayak even in emergency conditions. Given the small size, it is not recommended to use it in the open sea and on long crossings.

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400 cm




16 kg


420 l

Cockpits number


Cockpits dimensions

93×45 cm


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