Fighter e Figther XS: Specific hi-performanced Polo-kayak. Composite material constructed, it it follows the kayaker’s needs and its kind of playing. Available in Standard and XS versions. Workmanships: Vacuum, Infusion vacuum Epoxy for the greatest rigidity and strenght. It is provided with anatomic seat, aluminium adjustable footrest fore and aft bow caps, and inside foam. It can be supplied in assembly kit.
AAvailable in S-M-L sizes and versions:
Dyolen weight kg.13.5
Kevlar/Carbon weight kg.12.5
Race Epoxi made by Kevlar/Carbon weight kg.10.5
Race Pro Epoxi made by Kevlar/Carbon weight of 9.5
Race Pro Elite made by full Kevlar/carbon weight of 8.5
Race Pro Elite Carbon made with full Carbon weight of kg.8.5