CoasterExplorer Pro

CoasterExplorer Pro

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Coaster Explorer Pro: a very versatile kayak, easy to transport and storage, with good load capacity, suitable for marine use, in short and medium trips and coastlines.

Equipped with front and rear hatch

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Product price: 1.915,00 Iva inclusa
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Coaster Explorer Pro: a very versatile kayak, easy to transport and store, with good load capacity, suitable for marine use, on short and medium excursions and along the coast. Suitable for any trip on calm inland waters (lake-river). The kayak is equipped with front and rear hatch with an oval loading cap, an adjustable pedals and a backrest, while on deck are installed: roof racks, handrails. Also available the basic version without hatch and Coaster Explorer, with jusrear  hatch with circular and oval filling cap. On request: one or two 7 mm stainless steel jumpers can be installed, sturdy attachment points for towing and as a theft deterrent, towing handles in the bow and stern, adjustable seat, Comfort backrest, plate pedal and normal construction o Kevlar and carbon vacuum. The hull has the original “Hard Chine” shape, characterized by the supporting sides that connect to the bottom, through the two typical keels of this technical solution. This particularity increases the secondary stability, offering a greater support surface of the sides, allowing you to maintain an accentuated degree of heel of the kayak, without overturning. Furthermore, by voluntarily keeping the kayak tilted, resting on its side, it is possible to change direction in a sudden way, with a few paddles, a quality certainly appreciated in the waves and in coastal navigation, when you have to quickly change the route. The Coaster is very stable in the waves, has a good average speed and directional stability, its rear profile remains low on the water and reduces the sail effect, also facilitating surfing on the waves. It is very comfortable and allows long stays on board, even for tall people, thanks to the new ergonomics of the seat and the very large cockpit, which allows easy boarding and disembarking from the kayak, even in emergency conditions. Given the small size, however, it is not recommended for use in the open sea. Have a good trip

Additional information

Transportable Weight

60-95 kg


57 cm


20/24 kg

Cockpits dimensions

93×45 cm


410 cm

Cockpits number



Sedile regolabile misure: S – M – L Dimensione tappi di carico stagni: Anteriore circolare da 15 cm Posteriore ovale da 44 x 26 cm




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