Calypso 21 Explorer Split: A split double kayak in order to be easily carried upon every car. It is provided with a sturdy self-balanced joint system (SBJS) with stainless steel and tight bulkhead, threaded pivots to have an easy kayak construction and to maintain a perfect kayak hull shape. Its hard-chined hull makes it stable in all conditions, particularly in waves, as well as allowing easy turns and high cruising speeds, allied to a high loading capacity. The kayak is supplied with adjustable footrests, backrest, cargo elastics, deck lines, two oval and one central round waterproof storage hatches and is set up for a rudder. The Calypso 21 Pro Split is a dependable, easy-to-use boat, ideal for those starting out in the sport, allowing them to paddle straightaway in complete safety. To special order we can supply other deck accessories but we especially recommend fitting a rudder as it makes the boat easier to handle. The Calypso 21 is very comfortable even for long sessions due to the very ample cockpits; these allow easy entry and exit even in emergency conditions. Available also Calypso 21 Explorer Pro Split, Calypso 21 Pro and Explorer Pro. Physical fitness and suitable technique together with a knowledge of the elementary rules of nautical travel are all that is required to enjoy its first-rate performance. Bon voyage.