NZ: multiple World Champion Nejc Žnidarčič evolves the species. NZ, the enthusiastic seakayak, in 400 seventy-five centimeters condenses the best qualities of a fast and light all-round seakayak, indeed, very light, suitable for fitness, leisure and excursions.
NZ is definitely a seakayak, but it is also available for every trip on calm inland waters (lake-river), where the characteristics of the hull make it easier to maneuver.
NZ is transportable with almost all cars and its incredible weight of kg. 12.5 will allow you to place it effortlessly even on SUVs, vans and motorhomes. The kayak is equipped with an adjustable pedal and backrest. It is stable and directional in the waves, accelerates very easily and has a fantastic cruising speed, NZ is very comfortable and allows long stays on board, even to those of high stature, thanks to the very large cockpit, which allows easy boarding and disembarkation from the kayak even in emergency conditions. A request can be equipped with accessories useful for offshore navigation.

Have a good trip.

LENGHT: 475 cm

WIDTH: 56 cm

VOLUM: 300 l

WEIGHT: 12,5 kg