My Sun Levante excellent for every occasion!

Have you ever seen a SeaKayak go down the rocks, stoppers and waves of a slalom course? Probably yes... if you've known us for a while you'll remember three downriver champions, whizzing through the waves of Solkan with our SeaKayaks. This time it's Agata, a slalom specialist, go through the rocks of Valstagna. For [...]

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Towards new adventures with MY SUN LEVANTE!

My Sun Levante is the new kayak from the My Sun line, designed and created for light paddlers from 50 to 80kg. With the new arrival the My Sun family covers the needs of every canoeist. Levante maintains the same line as its bigger brothers, adapted to the needs of light paddlers. Result: [...]

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Inuk Absolute 18

The kayaks of the Inuk line evolve and concentrate the merits of past generations in a single unsurpassed seakayak ... Inuk Absolute 18, a new and extraordinary seakayak, which continues the evolution of the Inuk Sport. Inuk Absolute has widened the hull up to 55 cm, to be even more of a true all-weather [...]

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NZ the amazing seakayak

NZ: multiple World Champion Nejc Žnidarčič evolves the species. NZ, the enthusiastic seakayak, in 400 seventy-five centimeters condenses the best qualities of a fast and light all-round seakayak, indeed, very light, suitable for fitness, leisure and excursions. NZ is definitely a seakayak, but it is also available [...]

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