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  • Atomic

    350,00 Iva inclusa
    Paddle for the slalom, with the front face flatter, for greater grip in the water and now with the blade shorter than 1.5 cm, to have the point of application of the force, closer to the center of gravity of the paddle, in order to obtain a greater stability and precision in maneuvers.
  • J-Kinetic Competition

    140,00 Iva inclusa
    J-Kinetic Competition, excellent paddle for the first competitions, fun and the torrent up to the fourth degree, made of carbon-reinforced plastic material, light and very fast in the water, it is not suitable for heavy use. Straight fiber handle as standard, with a diameter of 29.5 mm.
  • Nutron

    399,00 Iva inclusa
  • Vertigo Slalom

    325,00 Iva inclusa
    Vertigo Slalom


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