Kayak Polo

  • Pretender

    429,00 Iva inclusa
    Quick in changing direction and with good acceleration, the Pretender is ideal as a first kayak for young people of limited weight and is also recommended for those who want to approach various techniques of canoeing.
  • Uragano: We present to you the newcomer in the CS Polo Team, designed specifically for heavy and powerful athletes. The bow and stern have been studied to facilitate rotation and boarding. This kayak has been made to be high-performing and comfortable with an internal seat that is comfortable even for those with long legs or large quadriceps. It is suitable for athletes weighing from 90kg to 110kg. The front deck is 23.5cm to 25.5cm high depending on the chosen size.
  • XP3

    650,00 Iva inclusa
    XP3 is the latest addition to our polo kayak range. Ultralight and resistent with caracteristics, comparable to fibre-glass models. XP3 offers the opportunity for dynamic play and rapid counter attacking. XP3 incorporate its built-in bumper system.


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