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September 28th, 2021|0 Comments

FIFTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FOR NEJC Nejc Žnidarčič and Esox Hero are 2021 Whitewatre Sprint World Champion! Nejc Žnidarčič and Esox Hero, the athlete and his kayak, a  combination that is already a legend! CS Canoe also thanks Tim Novak, Anže Unrakar e Simon Oven for their third place on the Team Event and their placements in the finals. CS Canoe also thanks Björn Beerschwenger for the gold in the team competition, Moret Hugues for the silver obtained with the French team, and Phenicia Dupras for the bronze conquered with the girls of the French team.

Inuk Absolute 18

July 6th, 2021|0 Comments

The kayaks of the Inuk line evolve and concentrate the merits of past generations in a single unsurpassed seakayak ... Inuk Absolute 18, a new and extraordinary seakayak, which continues the evolution of the Inuk Sport. Inuk Absolute has widened the hull up to 55 cm, to be even more of a true all-weather seakayak, with greater floatation and stability, while remaining a fast sea kayak, with the same leading characteristics as the Inuk Sport. The cockpit has been completely renovated, it is now positioned six centimeters lower, to facilitate paddling and lateral mobility, and the leg restraints are further back. Particularly recommended for all paddlers with an "important" physique, but with a height of less than 190 cm., Who will find the best compromise between performance, volume and comfort in the Inuk Absolute. The canoeist weights between 73 and 120 kg. are the ideal ones for this kayak.

NZ the amazing seakayak

June 22nd, 2021|0 Comments

NZ: multiple World Champion Nejc Žnidarčič evolves the species. NZ, the enthusiastic seakayak, in 400 seventy-five centimeters condenses the best qualities of a fast and light all-round seakayak, indeed, very light, suitable for fitness, leisure and excursions. NZ is definitely a seakayak, but it is also available for every trip on calm inland waters (lake-river), where the characteristics of the hull make it easier to maneuver. NZ is transportable with almost all cars and its incredible weight of kg. 12.5 will allow you to place it effortlessly even on SUVs, vans and motorhomes. The kayak is equipped with an adjustable pedal and backrest. It is stable and directional in the waves, accelerates very easily and has a fantastic cruising speed, NZ is very comfortable and allows long stays on board, even to those of high stature, thanks to the very large cockpit, which allows easy boarding and disembarkation from the kayak even in emergency conditions. A request can be equipped with accessories useful for offshore navigation. Have a good trip. Buy your personal NZ LENGHT: 475 cm WIDTH: 56 cm VOLUM: 300 [...]


Nejc Žnidarčič

Esox Hero, the new downriver kayak by CS Canoe, a project developed with the World Champion Nejc Znidarcic, to offer all descenders a superior means, even faster and more precise in rough water and always decisive even in the easiest sections. Kayak is supplied with the following accessory kit not mounted: Eagle or Eagle Nejc seat (Low or High), wooden slats, adjustable pedal or carbon bar. SHOP ON LINE

Our Videos

NZ: multiple World Champion Nejc Žnidarčič evolves the species. NZ, the enthusiastic seakayak

Promo video for the NZ ( Nejc Znidarcic ) seakayak boat. Shot on Soča, Lago di Garda and the Adriatic Sea

CS Canoe on Soča with Esox 2

Immerse yourself in the Soča and live with Nejc Znidarcic the moment of the World Champion on Esox II

Darko Savić / training session with
Peter Kauzer

Darko Savić ed Esox II, training with the kayak slalom world champion Peter Kauser


All composite kayaks can be ordered according to the reference color table, it shows the international RAL codes of the reference standard color, we warn
that small differences in color tone can always be possible. Transparent finish on request.


CS Canoe has developed INFUSION technology, applied to construction
of small boats such as kayaks, for amateur use and for
competition. The research, which continues today, took a long time
experimentation, with the definition of specific procedures for each category
of kayaks. Just think of the very different needs of the various specialties
competitive. The INFUSION process allows the resins to be processed
in a closed and purified environment, without the emission of polluting substances. With
the use of this technology, CS Canoe is committed to safeguarding its own
work environment and their own well-being, but it is also a small step in
respect for everyone.


Our boats are produced using advanced recovery techniques
of recyclable material. Vacuum processing and in particular the system
Infusion, allow to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the environment
by over 90%.

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