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July 4th, 2024|0 Comments

Summer is here! Are you ready to explore seas, lakes and rivers? We've the right kayak... We have developed a new construction to offer a light, durable and affordable sea kayak. All this infused with only aramid fiber and carbon (no fiberglass). On the occasion of the launch of this latest innovation we have decided to offer a special price depending on the model chosen, so don't waste time and contact us to find out more! tel: +39 0434 780.609 email:

  • My Sun Levante

My Sun Levante excellent for every occasion!

March 19th, 2024|0 Comments

Have you ever seen a SeaKayak go down the rocks, stoppers and waves of a slalom course? Probably yes... if you've known us for a while you'll remember three downriver champions, whizzing through the waves of Solkan with our SeaKayaks. This time it's Agata, a slalom specialist, go through the rocks of Valstagna. For this undertaking you need a suitable kayak! What better opportunity to test the new MySun Levante? A perfect mix of speed, lightness, stability and maneuverability! PRESS HERE FOR THE VIDEO PRESS HERE TO DISCOVER MY SUN LEVANTE!

  • My Sun Levante

Towards new adventures with MY SUN LEVANTE!

March 19th, 2024|0 Comments

My Sun Levante is the new kayak from the My Sun line, designed and created for light paddlers from 50 to 80kg. With the new arrival the My Sun family covers the needs of every canoeist. Levante maintains the same line as its bigger brothers, adapted to the needs of light paddlers. Result: easy to use in all weather and sea conditions and particularly stable and safe in the waves. It allows for high maneuverability, easy direction control and maintenance of an excellent cruising speed. The interiors are one of the main innovations, in fact Levante features an ultra-light race seat available in medium and large sizes, to minimize the final weight of the kayak, maintaining the comfort of a hiking kayak. As standard it is complete with handrails and luggage rack on deck, adjustable seat and pedals, two watertight cargo lockers and skeg. Can be accessorised on request with Day Hatch and Pocket Hatch, Telescopic or Smart Track pedals, compass and bilge pump. CLICCA QUI PER LEGGERE LA RECENSIONE PRESS HERE TO READ THE REVIEW PRESS HERE TO DISCOVER MY SUN LEVANTE!


Nejc Žnidarčič

Esox Hero, the new downriver kayak by CS Canoe, a project developed with the World Champion Nejc Znidarcic, to offer all descenders a superior means, even faster and more precise in rough water and always decisive even in the easiest sections. Kayak is supplied with the following accessory kit not mounted: Eagle or Eagle Nejc seat (Low or High), wooden slats, adjustable pedal or carbon bar. SHOP ON LINE

Our Videos

Test of the new My Sun Levante in Valstagna!

We took our new My Sun Levante for a ride through the Valstagna rapids.

New polo masterpiece Uragano!

Cs Canoe presents Uragano the new polo masterpiece made in Italy!

NZ: multiple World Champion Nejc Žnidarčič evolves the species. NZ, the enthusiastic seakayak

Promo video for the NZ ( Nejc Znidarcic ) seakayak boat. Shot on Soča, Lago di Garda and the Adriatic Sea


We have been designing and building composite kayaks since 1986, with maximum attention to product quality and environmental protection. In 2023, thanks to our technologies, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 20,000kg and brought the quantity of free solvent particles in the air within our production area close to zero. Our goal is to provide the customer with an excellent quality product, green and all made in Italy.


CS Canoe has developed INFUSION technology, applied to construction
of small boats such as kayaks, for amateur use and for
competition. The research, which continues today, took a long time
experimentation, with the definition of specific procedures for each category
of kayaks. Just think of the very different needs of the various specialties
competitive. The INFUSION process allows the resins to be processed
in a closed and purified environment, without the emission of polluting substances. With
the use of this technology, CS Canoe is committed to safeguarding its own
work environment and their own well-being, but it is also a small step in
respect for everyone.


Our boats are produced using advanced recovery techniques
of recyclable material. Vacuum processing and in particular the system
Infusion, allow to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the environment
by over 90%.

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