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Korsa 15.4 Explorer - One-seater composite Seakayak

This is a sea-going kayak suitable also for flat waters, built for any kind of trip, even the most demanding. It is particularly stable in rough water due to its hard-chined keel which also allows great manoeuvrability in all situations. The deck shape is typical of open-sea kayaks with the area behind the cockpit lowered to reduce weathercocking and to keep the boat tracking straight. Thanks to its centre of gravity biased aft and balanced volume forward, this kayak is unbeatable at surfing waves even in the hands of novices. Its 15.4 ft or 470cm length gives it a maximum speed of no less than 12 km/h with great cruising speeds. The Korsa Explorer version is a medium-volume kayak which will accept a decent load and is available with one waterproof hatch aft or in the Pro version with two hatches. As standard both versions come fitted with adjustable footrests, backrest, deck elastics and decklines and, to special order, rudder preset, tow cleats bow and stern, adjustable seat, Comfort model backrest and board footrest. Built in glass fibre, Dyolen, Kevlar/Carbon or Vacuum Kevlar/Carbon.

Width 58 cm
Length 470 cm
Weight da 16 a 23 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 93x45 cm
Peaks 1
Notes Sedile regolabile misure: S - M - L
Tappi di carico stagni:
Anteriore circolare da 24 cm
Posteriore ovale da 44 x 26 cm

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One-seater composite Seakayak
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