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Coaster Explorer - One seater in composite Seakayak

Coaster Explorer : A very versatile new-concept kayak for medium to long trips with good load capacity and easy to transport and store away. It is also suitable for all trips on calm inland waters (lake or river). The kayak is fitted with an adjustable footrest and backrest, deck elastics, deck lines and a watertight oval rear storage hatch. Available to special order: normal lay-up or Vacuum in Kevlar Carbon and installation of adjustable seat. The hull is the result of a new design philosophy which fuses the best qualities of Marina 440 with hard chines. The double chines give greater stability and allow the kayak to be turned more easily and quickly. It is very stable in waves, has a decent cruising speed and excellent tracking. This kayak is ideal for novices to the sport or paddlers who want an advanced kayak but one which does not require great kayaking experience. It is very comfortable for paddlers wishing to spend a long time on the water, even those of above average height, thanks to its very large cockpit which allows easy entry and exit even in demanding conditions. However, given the kayak’s limited size, open sea crossings are not advised.

Width 57 cm
Length 410 cm
Weight 20/24 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 93x45 cm
Peaks Explorer n°1 (44x26)
Notes Sedile regolabile misure: S - M - L
Dimensione tappi di carico stagni:
Anteriore circolare da 15 cm
Posteriore ovale da 44 x 26 cm

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One seater in composite Seakayak
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