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Vivian Avalon - One-seater composite Seakayak

Avalon Viviane "Kayak Sport": A kayak developed specifically for long sea crossings and camping trips, it still holds its own on calm inland waters such as lakes and rivers. It is fast and sure-footed with plenty of space for equipment. The keel has been designed to provide predictable handling on the water with a high cruising speed which can be held even when wind and wave make things tough. The excellent tracking can be further improved by dropping the skeg using the lever installed at the edge of the cockpit. This can be raised or lowered progressively to provide trim to bring the kayak back on course and disappears autonatically into the skeg box in the presence of underwater obstacles. The cockpit is nice and big, allowing easy entry and exit even in an emergency; it offers all kayakers great comfort with a custom fit achieved using the fully ABS adjustable seat fitted as standard. The Avalon Viviane comes with waterproof hatches, one fore and one aft, using oval covers to make loading equipment an easy task. In addition there is a round service hatch behind the cockpit and a further inspection hatch at the stern to allow checking and maintenance of the skeg and its box. The deck area is fitted with elastics and deck lines. The kayak comes pre-set for rudder installation and set well forward to allow easy reading there is an inset to take a marine compass. The kind of construction and the price depend on request. Good physical fitness and proficient paddling skills as well as well as sticking to all the usual safety rules are all you need to have a great time aboard this little cruiser. Have fun.

Width 55 cm
Length 581 cm
Weight 18/26 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 88x45 cm
Peaks 1x (42x30) - 1x (44x26) - 1x (1 x (42x30) - 1 x (44x26) - 1 x (24 + 1x10)
Peaks volume Ant./Bow90lt -Post./Stern100lt-Day Hatch 15lt l.
Volume 400 l.
Notes La lavorazione Vacuum Infusion migliora la resistenza meccanica del tuo kayak e rispetta l'ambiente, riducendo drasticamente le emissioni di gas inquinanti, durante la lavorazione.

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One-seater composite Seakayak
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