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Marina 440 Pro - One-seater composite Seakayak

Marina 440 Pro: Very versatile sea kayak, for medium and long trips, with good loading capability. Ideal for quite inland boating (lake-river). It is provided with two waterproof storage hatches, adjustable foot rest, back rest, tie-down lines and trimming lines on deck and it is preset for rudder. stable among waves, it has got a good cruising speed and directional stability. Ideal for rookies, and all people who desire to have an evolute kayak which do not need great leading experience. It is very comfortable and permits long staying on board. The very wide cockpit permits easy onboarding and landing operations also in emergency situation. Because of its compact dimensions we do not advise its use into high seas and long cross legs. Have a good trip.

Width 63 cm
Length 440 cm
Weight 18/24 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 90x42 cm
Peaks 2
Volume 420 l.
Notes Pesi in relazione al tipo di costruzione. E' disponibile anche Marina 440 Base, privo di gavoni di carico.

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One-seater composite Seakayak
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