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Fury - Canoe Polo

Fury, new 2018 kayak polo, specific for medium or light weight paddlers. A fast kayak: fast and manoeuvrable, with a front volume suitable even for the lightest ones. Available in four sizes: XS-S-M-L.
Final weights on request, recommended by kg. 9.5 per kg 10.5, for all Epoxi versions, produced exclusively with the Epoxy resin Infusion technique and with Carbon, Kevlar and Vectran fabrics, without the presence of glass fibers or similar.
ICF Approved

Width 60 cm
Length 298 cm
Weight da 8.5 a 13 kg
Transportable weight 50-80 kg
Cockpits number 1
Notes Trainig and K/C versions, weight from 12 kg

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Canoe Polo
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