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Big Monster 580 - One-seater composite Seakayak

Big Monster 580, the amazing big brother of SK Monster 580. This seakayak is particularly suitable for all bigger paddlers below 1.95m in height they will find the best combination of performance, volume and comfort. The ideal paddler weight for the Big Monster 580 is between 73 kg and 125kg. The hull has been widened to 54cm, making it an even more all-condition boat with greater stability and buoyancy, yet still remaining a fast sea kayak with the same bow-shape as before. New lower cockpit rim as standard and on request only, the high cockpit rim with a paddle park to hold the paddle to perform a paddle-float rescue. New cockpit rim has an external length of 85cm enabling easy entry in all conditions. For improved paddling ergonomics the deck has been tapered and is devoid of any protrusions in the paddling area. As standard the deck is fitted with a cargo net and deck lines, carrying handles, the new adjustable seat, an aft hatch with an oval 42x30cm cover and a forward hatch with a oval 44x26 cm cover. The kayak comes pre-set for rudder use and side footrests are fitted as standard. The following can be custom fitted: telescopic footrests, rudder, aft day hatch and/or forward pocket hatch, drop skeg, compass and bilge pump. To enjoy the wonderful performance this kayak is capable of, you need simply to be fit and have decent technique as well as a knowledge of basic safety procedures. Have a good trip!

Width 54 cm
Length 580 cm
Weight 18-25 kg
Transportable weight 145 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 85x45 cm
Peaks 2
Peaks volume 133+92+38+3 l.
Volume 437 l.
Notes Volume Pocket Hatch 3 lt.-Day Hatch 38 lt.
A richiesta-on request: Carbon Look 100.00
Colorazione trasparente della coperta e/o scafo solo a richiesta.
Transparent deck and/or hull on request only.
Fasce laterali colorate su scafo-Hull side coloured stripes 100.00
Terzo colore in coperta-Third color on deck 100.00

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One-seater composite Seakayak
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