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Corsair II - Canoe Polo

Corsair II:is the evolution of first Corsair, it maintains the speed, but has greatly improved maneuverability, thanks to the new volume of deck and to the variation of the radii of curvature side, now with more hydrodynamic front penetration. Players who make the speed of their strength, they will find in Corsair II an help and also in all phases of the game in which a rapid defense is essential, Corsair II improve its speed and ease of immersion of the bow, making them even more the enemy!
Final weights on request:
from kg.9.5 to kg.11 for Race Elite Epoxy Vectran
from 10 kg to kg.11 for Race Pro Epoxy K/C
from 10.5 kg. to kg.11.5 for Race Epoxy Kevlar.
Heavier and stronger boats are possible on request
All polo kayaka are made with Carbon, Kevlar and/or Vectran fabrics, without the presence of glass fibers.
ICF approved.

Width 300 cm
Length 60 cm
Weight da 8.5 a 13 kg
Transportable weight 90 kg
Cockpits number 1
Manufacturing M-L-XL
Notes Training and K/C versions, weight from 12 kg

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