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Greenland 550 - One-seater composite Seakayak

Greenland 550: medium-high volume seakayak from Greenland kayak style. With Greenland 550 you can paddle in every day trip and you can enjoy all the excitement that only a kayak that holds a long history, can give you . Greenland 550 is also great for people of high stature, allowing good mobility also in every style of eskimo roll. Its optimal cruising speed and its directionality are perfect in the presence of waves or wind. Day hatch and skeg, original Kayak Sports, on demand. Fiberglass and Dyolen kayaks are reinforced by Kevlar and carbon.

Width 52 cm
Length 550 cm
Weight 16-24 kg
Transportable weight 110 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 75x40 cm
Peaks 2-3
Volume Medio l.

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One-seater composite Seakayak
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