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Inuk - One-seater composite Seakayak

Inuk: Specialized sea kayak, suitable for quite inland boating too and nautical camping. Good loading capabiliby. Ideal for all trips, longest ones included. It permits to reach hi-speed level and good cruising ones. It has a total tracking stability and thanks to its low profile aft the 'sail' effetc is very reduced, furthermore this characteristic permits an easy onboarding and landing operation to and fro the protected cockpit, even in emergency situation too. The cockpit is very comfortable and permits long staying to tall people too. And it can be provided in standard and 'large' version. The kayak is supplied with adjustable footrest, backrest, front round storage hatch and aft oval one, permitting a more rational loading distribution. Furthermore tie-down lines and trimming lines are present. Inuk is not a kayak suitable for beginners. It needs specific knowledge for leading, but it is designed for a safe navigation. The technical and physical kayakers' skill and the respect of the simpliest safety rules are its limits only. Respecting them you will appreciate this hi-performance kayak. Have a good trip.

Width 51 cm
Length 550 cm
Weight 15-23 kg
Transportable weight 120 kg
Cockpits number 1
Cockpits dimensions 58x47 o 70x47 cm
Peaks 2
Peaks volume ant.70lt post.100lt l.
Volume 270 l.

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One-seater composite Seakayak
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